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Barkmarket – Easy Listening

Barkmarket – Lardroom EP

Barkmarket – Gimmick

Barkmarket – L. Ron

Black Mountain

Black Mountain – In the Future (Deluxe Edition)

Black Mountain – Wilderness Heart

Bush – Golden State

Catfish and the Bottlemen – The Ride

Cop Shoot Cop – Release


Enon – Believo!

Enon – High Society

Enon ‎– Lost Marbles And Exploded Evidence

Far – Water & Solutions

Ely Guerra – Lotofire

Helmet – Aftertaste

Hot Hot Heat – Elevator

Hundred Reasons – Ideas Above Our Station

Jet – Get Born


Oasis – Don’t Stop the Clocks

Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul

The Revolution Smile – Above the Noise

Dave Sardy (score work)

David Sardy – End of Watch Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Dave Sardy – 21 [Original Score]

David Sardy – Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Serafin – No Push Collide

Skeleton Key – Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon


Spongehead – Brainwash

Spongehead – Curb Your Dogma

Starlight Mints – The Dream That Stuff Was Made Of

The Thrills – Let’s Bottle Bohemia


Vaux – Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice

Vaux – Cocaine James (single)

Vision of Disorder – Imprint

Vitro – Distort

The Walkmen – Bows + Arrows

Wolfmother – Dimensions (EP)


Budapest One – This Town Just Gave You a Dreamer

Disappears – Irreal

Dwindle – Recently Okay

Faux Fox – Black Glove or White Glove

Faux Fox – Cusp of the Precipice

Jessie Frye – Fireworks Child

Bruce Hazel & Some Volunteers – Between The Journey & The Destination

Headcases – Castaway But Blessed

Joey Kendall – Was Here

Logh – The Contractor and the Assassin

Mount Vicious – Don’t Be a Baby, Come and Get It

The Nighty Nite

The Nighty Nite – Dimples

John Congleton and the Nighty Nite – Until the Horror Goes

Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra – Theatre is Evil

The Paper Chase

The Paper Chase – cntrl-alt-delete-u

the Paper Chase – Hide the Kitchen Knives

The Paper Chase – God Bless Your Black Heart

The Paper Chase – Now You Are One of Us

Parish School – Alikeness

The Polyphonic Spree – The Fragile Army

Shapes Stars Make – Shapes Stars Make

Single Frame – Body/End/Basement

St. Vincent – Actor

This Will Destroy You – Another Language


Absolute Monarchs – 1

Eyes Upon Separation – I Hope She’s Having Nightmares

Helms Alee – Sleepwalking Sailors

Pelican – Forever Becoming

Rune – The End of Nothing

Tiny Vipers – Hands Across the Void

To The Waves – To The Waves



Califone – Califone

Califone – Califone [EP]

Cash Money – Black Hearts and Broken Wills

The Fire Show – The Fire Show

The Grates – Gravity Won’t Get You High

Manishevitz – City Life

Modest Mouse – Everywhere and His Nasty Parlor Tricks


The Blood Brothers – Crimes

The Blood Brothers – Young Machetes

Harvey Danger

Harvey Danger – King James Version

Harvey Danger – Cream and Bastards Rise (EP)


Sleater-Kinney – Call the Doctor

Sleater-Kinney – Dig Me Out

Sleater-Kinney – All Hands On the Bad One

Sleater-Kinney – One Beat

Sleater-Kinney – No Cities to Love

The Sun

The Sun – Blame It On the Youth

The Sun – Did Your Mother Tell You?


Girls Against Boys

Girls Against Boys – Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby

Girls Against Boys – Cruise Yourself

Girls Against Boys – (I) Don’t Got A Place

Girls Against Boys – **House of GVSB**

Girls Against Boys – Disco Six Six Six

Girls Against Boys – You Can’t Fight What You Can’t See

Ruth Ruth – Laughing Gallery

Tripping Daisy

Tripping Daisy – I Am An Elastic Firecracker

Tripping Daisy – I Got A Girl (single)


Del Rey

Del Rey – Darkness & Distance

Del Rey – Immemorial

The Feud – Language is Technology

The M’s – Real Close Ones

Reflections – Dogs Without Fear of Dying

Rhythm of Black Lines – Human Hand Animal Band


The Fire Theft – The Fire Theft


mewithoutYou – Brother, Sister

mewithoutYou – Catch for Us the Foxes

Red Red Meat – Bunny Gets Paid

Sunny Day Real Estate – Diary

that dog. – Retreat From the Sun


Acerbic Noise Development

The Devil and the Sea

The Devil and the Sea – Demo

The Devil And The Sea – Heart Vs. Spine

Dysrhytmia / Rothko – Fractures

El Chupa Cobras – El Chupa Cobras


Ganon – As Above, So Below

Ganon – In the Dead of Sleep


Gezoleen – Black Spaces Between Stars

Gezoleen – Oxidado


Hematovore – Nokturnal Grave Decorator

Hematovore – Nokturnal Grave Decorator (Tour Edition)

Hematovore – Out For Blood

Hematovore – Requiem

Hematovore – Untitled

Malamute – “Breathe Deeply, Horse”

Saragashum – The Devil’s Chordbook

Thee Contortionists (as ‘The Contortionists’) – Time Smasher: Four Pieces to Facilitate Time Travel

Tugnut – Golden Chopper

Verse and Radiation – Along the Celestial Ruins

Vox Humana – The Beauty and Need of Being Ordinary

Weak Music for Thomas

Weak Music for Thomas – The Fire

Weak Music for Thomas – The Red Scare



Aucan – Aucan

Aucan – DNA EP

The Conformists – Three Hundred

Extra Life – Made Flesh

Hey!Tonal – Hey!Tonal

Io Monade Stanca

Io Monade Stanca – The Impossible Story of Bubu

Marvin ‎– Hangover The Top

Passe Montagne – Oh My Satan

Three Second Kiss – Long Distance

Various Artists – Africantape Festival 2011

Auris Apothecary

Ex Fauna – Hyperventilate!

Gnaw Bone – Gnaw Bone


Medusa – Crack & Bleed EP

Medusa – Divine Malice

Central Processing Unit

AB2088 ‎– TX0 (digital)

Daddy Long Legs – Intergalactic Lover 7″

Tim Koch – Spinifex

DMX Krew – Space Cucumbers

LA-4A ‎– Slackline

96 Back – Provisional Electronics

Silicon Scally – Projections

Alek Stark – Blueshifted People

Secret State ‎– Zero Zero One

Comedy Minus One

Bottomless Pit – Hammer of the Gods

The Karl Hendricks Trio ‎– A Gesture Of Kindness

Computer Club

NYZ ‎– ALG 118B

Data Discs

Yuzo Koshiro – Streets of Rage (Data Discs remaster)

Various Artists – Shenmue Soundtrack (Data Discs remaster)

Hirofumi Murasaki, Morihiko Akiyama, Masayuki Nagao – Shinobi III: Return Of The Ninja Master (Data Discs Remaster)

Koichi Namiki, Katsuhiro Hayashi & Shigeru Ohwada – Super Hang-On (Data Discs Remaster)

Yuzo Koshiro – Streets of Rage 2 (Data Discs Remaster)

Various Artists – Outrun (Data Discs Remaster)

Nankyoku, Decky & Imocky / Naofumi Hataya – Golden Axe I & II (Data Discs Remaster)

Yuzo Koshiro – The Revenge of Shinobi

Yoshitaka Azuma ‎– Panzer Dragoon (Data Discs remaster)

Various ‎Artists – Galaxy Force II & Thunder Blade

NON – Gunstar Heroes (Data Discs Remaster)

Master – Altered Beast (Data Discs Remaster)

Takushi Hiyamuta ‎– Metal Slug (Data Discs vinyl remaster)

Hiroshi Kawaguchi – After Burner II (Data Discs remaster)

Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima ‎– Streets Of Rage 3 (Data Discs remaster)

Hiroshi Kawaguchi – Space Harrier (Data Discs remaster)

Konami Kukeiha Club ‎– Policenauts (Data Discs Remaster)


Coliseum – True Quiet / Last Wave


Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind

Converge – The Dusk In Us

The Hope Conspiracy ‎– True Nihilist

Narrows – Narrows (7″)

Resurrection – I Am Not: The Discography

Self Defense Family – BBC Session


People Like Us & Wobbly & Matmos – Wide Open Spaces

54’40 or Fight! Records

Caesura ‎– More Specific Less Pacific

The Conformists – Three Hundred


Dilute – The Gypsy Valentine Curve

Dilute – Grape Blueprints Pour Spinach Olive Grape

Dropsonic – Belle

Dropsonic – The Big Nothing

Eyes of Autumn – Hello

Ferocious Eagle – The Sea Anemone Inside of Me is Mighty

Houston – Bottom of the Curve

The Interiors ‎– The Interiors

The Life and Times – The Flat End of the Earth

Mandarin – Fast>Future>Present

Paper Airplanes – Boyhood

Pseudosix – Days of Delay

Schooner – Hold On Too Tight

Alina Simone – Everyone is Crying Out to Me, Beware


31Knots – The Rehearsal Dinner EP

31Knots – It Was High Time to Escape

Ticonderoga – The Heilig-Levine LP

Valina – Epode

Fill in the Blanks

Carnage – Worth the Wait


Ecid – Biograffiti

ECID – Economy Size goDD Costume

Ecid – Red Beretta

Ecid – 100 Smiles and Runnin’

Ecid – Post Euphoria Vol. 1 & 2

ECID – Pheromone Heavy

ECID – Pheromone Heavy (redo)

Ecid – How to Fake Your Own Death

Literati – Fait Accompli

Saturday Morning Soundtrack – Saturday Morning Soundtrack


Meatbingo – Cynically for You

Phono Ghosts

Phono Ghosts – Solar Dream Reel

Phono Ghosts, Sferro – Alive In The Timeless Void

Neil Scrivin – Tomorrow’s World

Hydra Head Records

Agoraphobic Nosebleed – PCP Torpedo / ANbRX

The Austerity Program – Terra Nova EP

Barbaro – Feeding b/w Two Boozlers and Half a Poundstone


Bergraven – Dödsvisioner

Bergraven ‎– Till Makabert Väsen


Botch – American Nervoso

Botch – We Are the Romans

Botch – An Anthology of Dead Ends

Botch – 061502 (DVD)

Cable – Gutter Queen

Cave In

Cave In – Beyond Hypothermia

Cave In / Botch – In These Black Days: A Tribute to Black Sabbath, Vol. 5

Cave In – Creative Eclipses

Cave In – Jupiter

Cave In – Lost in the Air / Lift Off

Cave In – Perfect Pitch Black


Cavity – Laid Insignificant (Hydra Head rerelease)

Cavity / Cable / Jesuit / Overcast – In These Black Days: A Tribute to Black Sabbath Vol. 4


Clouds – Legendary Demo

Clouds – We Are Above You

Coalesce – There is Nothing New Under the Sun +

Converge / Brutal Truth – In These Black Days: A Tribute to Black Sabbath, Vol. 2

Dälek – Deadverse Massive Vol. 1: Dälek Rarities 1999-2006


Daughters – Canada Songs

Daughters – Hell Songs

Drawing Voices – Drawing Voices

Everylovely Lightningheart – Everlovely Lightningheart

Eyehategod / Anal Cunt – In These Black Days: A Tribute to Black Sabbath, Vol. 1

Gridlink – Amber Grey


Harkonen – Grizz

Harkonen – Grizz (…again)

Helms Alee – Lionize / Truly (7″, Artist Edition Secret Seven Inch Series)

Heresi – Psalm II: Infusco Ignis

Jesu – Conqueror


Keelhaul – Subject to Change Without Notice

Keelhaul – II

Keelhaul – Keelhaul II (redo)

Keelhaul – Triumphant Return to Obscurity

Khlyst – Chaos is My Name

Mare – Mare

Neurosis / Soilent Green – In These Black Days: A Tribute to Black Sabbath, Vol. 6

Old Man Gloom – Christmas


Pelican – Australasia

Pelican – March Into the Sea

Pelican / Scissorfight / The Austerity Program – The Champions of Sound 2003

Pelican – The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw

Pelican – City of Echoes

Pet Genius – EP

Phantomsmasher – Atomsmasher

These Arms Are Snakes / Harkonen – Like a Virgin

Today is the Day / Coalesce – In These Black Days: A Tribute to Black Sabbath Vol. 3

Xasthur – Defective Epitaph

Level Plane

Air Conditioning – Dead Rails

The Fiction – I Told Her That I Like Living in a Box

Gospel ‎– The Moon Is A Dead World

Hidden Chord – As the Captain and His Entourage

Lickgoldensky – Lickgoldensky

Oil – Electric Tongue EP

Shikari – Dead Men EP

Lovepump United

Child Abuse – Child Abuse

Murailles Music

Ensemble 0 – Elpmas Revisited (composed by Moondog)

Pneu / Electric Electric / Marvin / Papier Tigre – La Colonie de Vacances

My Pal God Records

Bitter Bitter Weeks

Bitter Bitter Weeks – Bitter Bitter Weeks

Bitter Bitter Weeks – Revenge

dis – The Historically Troubled Third Album

Drums & Tuba

Drums and Tuba – Flatheads and Spoonies

Drums & Tuba – Box Fetish (Water Damage Reissue)

Drums & Tuba – The Flying Ballerina (Water Damage Reissue)

Knodel – Dawn of the Butterfly

Lefty’s Deceiver – Cheats

Paul Newman – Machine is Not Broken

Perishable Records


Califone – Deceleration One

Califone – Deceleration Two

Captain Onboard – Captain Onboard

Drumhead – Drumhead

Fire Show – Above the Volcano of Flowers

Friend/Enemy – 10 Songs

Fruit Bats – Echolocation

HiM – Egg

Rephlex Records


AFX – Analogue Bubblebath III

AFX – Analogue Bubblebath IV

AFX – Chosen Lords


Astrobotnia – Part 01

Astrobotnia – Part 03

Astrobotnia – Extracts From Parts 01, 02 & 03

Pierre Bastien ‎– Mecanoid

J.P Buckle – Flyin Lo-Fi

Caustic Window – Compilation

Chaos A.D. – Buzz Caner


Cylob – Mood Bells

Cylob – Cut the Midrange, Drop the Bass


D’Arcangelo – Broken Toys’ Corner

D’Arcangelo – Eksel

DMX Krew

DMX Krew – The Collapse of the Wave Function 1 (7″ – Thrilling b/w Space)

DMX Krew – The Collapse of the Wave Function 2 (7″ – Flanging b/w Garden Gate)

DMX Krew ‎– The Transactional Interpretation (The Collapse Of The Wave Function Volume 5)

Kinesthesia – Empathy Box

Mike & Rich – Mike & Rich


Ovuca – Lactavent

Ovuca – Short Attention Span

PP Roy – Seven Up

Bogdan Raczynski

Bogdan Raczynski – Boku Mo Wakaran

Bogdan Raczynski – Ibiza Anthems vol. 4

Bogdan Raczynski – Alright!

Slipper – Invisible Movies

Squarepusher – Feed Me Weird Things

Transllusion – L.I.F.E.


The Tuss – Confederation Trough EP

The Tuss – Rushup Edge

Urban Tribe – Authorized Clinical Trials

Voafose – Voafose

Various Artists – The Braindance Coincidence

Rhymesayers Entertainment

Abstract Rude & Musab / Sab the Artist – The Awful Truth

Aesop Rock – The Impossible Kid


Atmosphere – Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere Ep’s

Atmosphere – You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having

Atmosphere – Fishing Blues

Brother Ali

Brother Ali – Us

Brother Ali – Mourning In America And Dreaming In Color

deM atlaS – mF deM

Evidence – Weather or Not


Eyedea & Abilities – First Born

Eyedea & Abilities – E&A

Eyedea & Abilities – By the Throat

Oliver Hart – The Many Faces of Oliver Hart or How Eye One the Write Too Think


P.O.S. – Ipecac Neat

P.O.S. – Audition

P.O.S. – Never Better

P.O.S. – We Don’t Even Live Here


Prof – Liability

Prof – Pookie Baby

RobotRadio Records

Dead Elephant – Lowest Shared Descent

Hell Demonio – Greatest Hits

The Paper Chase / Red Worms – Split

See-Thru Broadcasting

John Stuart Mill – Forget Everything

Gwenmars – Driving A Million

Sixgunlover Records

Adolfo’s Reversal – Adolfo’s Reversal

An Automotive – An Automotive

Bosco & Jorge – Ally in the Sky

Ghosts and Vodka – Addicts and Drunks

Jeweled Handles – Jeweled Handles

Les Messieurs Du Rock ‎– L’Estase

Quien, Es Boom! – Cast Your Burdens Aside

Skin Graft


AIDS Wolf vs. Athletic Automaton – Clash of the Life-Force Warriors

AIDS Wolf – Cities of Glass

AIDS Wolf – March to the Sea

AIDS Wolf – Dustin’ Off the Sphinx

big’n – Discipline Through Sound

Cheer-Accident – Gumballhead the Cat

Child Abuse – Trouble in Paradise

Dazzling Killmen – Face of Collapse

Doomsday Student – A Walk Through Hysteria Park

Flossie & The Unicorns – L M N O P

The Flying Luttenbachers

The Flying Luttenbachers – Destroy All Music

The Flying Luttenbachers – Gods of Chaos

Gay Beast – Disrobics

Koenjihyakkei – Live at Koenji High DVD

Made in Mexico – Guerillaton

Mount Shasta – Who’s the Hottie?

Pre – Epic Fits

Shakuhachi Surprise ‎– Space Streakings Sighted Over Mount Shasta

Shorty – Fresh Breath (EP)

U.S. Maple – Long Hair In Three Stages

Zeek Sheck – I Love You


The Gutters – It’s 1984

Geoff Soule

Geoff Soule – A dialogue between feminine wisdom and masculine uncertainty

Geoff Soule – The Majesty

Geoff Soule – The Improvisations

Geoff Soule – 12/13/10, 12/24/11

Yo Herve – Inside Tiny

Tortuga Records


5ive’s Continuum Research Project ‎– The Hemophiliac Dream

5ive – Hesperus

The Gersch – The Gersch

Non Compos Mentis – The Rats Know Him


Scissorfight – Mantrapping for Sport and Profit

Scissorfight – Deathchants, Breakdowns, and Military Waltzes Vol. 2

Scissorfight – American Cloven Hoof Blues

Scissorfight – Jaggernaut


Valentina Magaletti, Yves Chaudouët – Valentina Plays The Batterie Fragile

Thackery Earwicket – Lost My Heart In Space

VHF Records

Æthenor – Deep in Ocean Sunk the Lamp of Light

Ashtray Navigations – A Shimmering Replica

Doldrums – Feng Shui

The Double U & Glands Of External Secretion – The Double U & Glands Of External Secretion

Flying Saucer Attack

Flying Saucer Attack – Distance

Flying Saucer Attack – Flying Saucer Attack

Frances Gumm – Cruella

From Quagmire

From Quagmire – Habitats in the Wound

From Quagmire – Caught in Unknowing

Kang Tae Hwan Trio – Love Time

Makoto Kawabata

Makoto Kawabata – Inui

Makoto Kawabata – Inui 2

Makoto Kawabata – Inui 3

Makoto Kawabata & Richard Youngs – Makoto Kawabata & Richard Youngs


Pelt – Max Meadows

Pelt – For Michael Hannahs

Pelt – Ayahuasca

Pelt – Brown Cyclopaedia

Pelt – Dauphin Elegies


Rake – Rake Is My Co-Pilot

Rake – Art Ensemble of Rake / The Tell-Tale Moog

R!!!S!!! – Lake

Skullflower – Carved In Roses

Total – Eternity’s Beautiful Frontispiece


Sunroof! – Delicate Autobahn Under Construction

Sunroof! – Cloudz

Vibracathedral Orchestra – Dabbling With Gravity and Who You Are

Simon Wickham-Smith

Simon Wickham-Smith – Butterfly Dust

Simon Wickham-Smith – Butterfly Dust (…yes, already reviewed)

Simon Wickham-Smith – Extreme Bukake

Simon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs ‎– LAmmERGEIER

Wingtip Sloat

Wingtip Sloat – Chewy Foot

Wingtip Sloat – Add This to Rhetoric

Richard Youngs

Richard Youngs / Stephen Todd – Georgians

Richard Youngs / Simon Wickham-Smith – 5 Years

Waxwork Records

Richard Band ‎– H.P. Lovecraft’s From Beyond (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Waxwork remaster)

Richard Einhorn ‎– Shock Waves (Original Motion Picture Score, Waxwork remaster)

Danny Elfman ‎– Goosebumps – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Music (Waxwork Records, 2016)

Goblin ‎– George A. Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Waxwork 2018 Remaster)

John Harrison – Creepshow (Waxwork Records remastered edition)

Christopher Komeda – Rosemary’s Baby (Music From The Motion Picture, Waxwork Records Reissue)

Joseph LoDuca – Evil Dead 2 (Original Motion Picture Music, Waxwork Records remaster)

Douglas Pipes ‎– Trick ‘R Treat (Original Motion Picture Score, Waxwork Records, 2014)

Eric Serra ‎– Léon The Professional (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Waxwork remaster)

Simonetti, Pignatelli, and Morante ‎– Tenebrae (Waxwork Records remaster)

Waxwork Comics

Various Artists – House of Waxwork #1


Blueprint – The Weightroom

Blueprint – King No Crown

Blueprint – Respect the Architect

Blueprint – Two-Headed Monster

WéMè Records

Andy Jenkinson ‎– The Crisp Chronicles – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

You Are Not Stealing Records

Party People in a Can – For the Enemy Who Escapes, Golden Bridges

Salvatore – Damnatio

Stealing Orchestra

Stealing Orchestra – The Incredible Shrinking Band

Stealing Orchestra – Stereogamy


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