Geoff Soule – The Majesty

5 out of 5

Label: Supermegacorporation

Produced by: Geoff Soule

I’d suppose the title is in jest, but I dunno.  The Majesty is 11 tracks of improvised moments or movements (given their roman number titling), edited down to 1:11:111 and recorded to cassette.  It should be cut-and-past slop, except we know that Soule – from both his Fuck days and his solo offerings – can be masterful at the off-the-cuff style of simplicity, and the various momentary flourishes on The Majesty – of electronics, of guitar and drums rocking out, of keyboard doodling – with the enforced sweep of that time limit, end of being something rather majestic, indeed.  In fact, without knowing the origins of the recordings, it’s an amazingly listenable, consistent mini-album, taking appropriate breaks between splashes of “song” for experimental buzzing and bleeps; reveling in both silence and noise.  As I sank further into the listen, entranced upon looping the disc, the experience becomes rather delicate, and personal, and majestic, indeed.

The CD also came with a hand-drawn (as in: your edition with your CD will be unique) ‘impariamo a conoscere i funghi’ book of mushroom drawings.  God bless this kind of stuff.