One time, I mistook Red Sparowes for Russian Circles and felt really, really ashamed.  What would happen during karaoke if I selected Song A and then it turned out to be Song B?  Obviously by this point the world has already gone to shit because I’m somehow at karaoke when that’s something I’ve pledged to never do after justifying to myself that it has nothing to do with embarrassment and everything to do with… with karaoke being dumb, and also, they way I’ve linked my initial example to this scenario, it sounds like I’m trying to ‘sing’ a song by an instrumental group, so I’m all sorts of confused.  Ignore that this is already questionable because it implies I leave my house and perhaps interact with other people.  (pfffft)

Or DON’T ignore it, because this never would have happened if I’d just been familiar enough with my own damned music collection to know one song from another.


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