The short answer: I don’t know.

I love movies, and books, and music, and all that wild media stuff, and I love talking about it until people’s ears begin to bleed.  Barring that, I’ll settle for eye bleeding.

A while back I pledged to watch every movie ever made, and the easiest method was to stock my Netflix queue from A to Z.  After watching a bananaboat-load of movies, I was having trouble remembering what I watched and realized that my gift of endless gab was “helpful” as a running document.  Then, one magical day, my sense of self-importance inflated beyond the realm of Netflix and I started this blog.

But you know how it is – you like one thing, then you start branching out.  So there are book reviews.  And comics, and music, and TV, because certainly you care about my opinion on the first season of a show that aired ten years ago.

2 responses to “EXPLAIN

  1. Do you have a contact email or anything? You posted something wondering about a record you liked but you couldn’t find much out there about it or the people involved. I was in the band in question and I would be happy to tell you more if you’re interested.

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