The short answer: I don’t know.

I love movies, and books, and music, and all that wild media stuff, and I love talking about it until people’s ears begin to bleed.  Barring that, I’ll settle for eye bleeding.

A while back I pledged to watch every movie ever made, and the easiest method was to stock my Netflix queue from A to Z.  After watching a bananaboat-load of movies, I was having trouble remembering what I watched and realized that my gift of endless gab was helpful as a running document.  Then, one magical day, my sense of self-importance inflated beyond the realm of Netflix and I started this blog.

But you know how it is – you like one thing, then you start branching out.  So there are book reviews.  And maybe at some point there will be music, or video games, but I sort of doubt it because you don’t really care about that.

Also being one of those writerly types with a love for nonsense, sometimes there will be writing here.  Some of it will be hidden, because it’s better that way.

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