Promising/Youngster – Balance EP

3 out of 5

Label: Analogical Force

Produced by: Diego Cadiemo

Amazing bookends to some rather more standard electro, Promising/Youngster – I won’t be the only one to nod to the accuracy of the name – delivers some especially notable work from a production standpoint, mixing modern electro with Mouse on Mars-esque groove and classic 90s-era Rephlex nods, percussion and synths all seamlessly blending together for a vaguely futuristic, organic sound. It’s generally very delicate stuff, erring towards a prettier, emotive sound than an aggressive or outwardly danceable one, though P/Y’s four tracks here are certainly not without their beats. It’s the start and end pieces that really stand out, though, with opener Both Of You this amazing buildup that kicks off in sort a traditional, low-key electro vibe, then keeps blossoming throughout, wonderful subtleties enhancing the track’s 6-minutes. And closer Infected is a wonder of drumming, “live”-sounding and bubbling beats and an island-esque rhythm – something that crops up a couple of times – that, again, is all blended perfectly.

Mid tracks Outer and Easy Love are a little less layered; the former has a nice ante-up in its concluding section, when some juxtaposing and crunchier synths crash over the main line, but it’s just one addition to an otherwise pleasing, but steady song. Easy Love is even more straight-laced; pretty and definitely head-bobbing once more, but lacking the nuance found in the bookends, which also lends some interesting credence to the EPs name as well.