Capsule – Colundi Interception

4 out of 5

Label: WéMè Records

Produced by: (Capsule Network?)

An absolutely solid, if somewhat amorphous, cut of IDM, apparently feeding off of Aleksi Perälä’s ‘Colundi’ scales for ‘Capsule Network’s own explorations. The result is something that crosses over a couple ‘eras’ of electronic music, calling somewhat back to the slick, icy sampling and echoey beats of, say, early 90s Aphex Twin to something slightly more squiggly and emotional, a la the main Colundi work done by Aleksi. The EP starts off strongest with the looping Pyramids Inside Pyramids, getting a lot of mileage out of its driving beat and vocals, followed up by the strong, slightly more subtle Movement Inside. Some short (less than two minute) tracks pare this down to minimal tones and vocals, rendering the middle of the album rather indistinct, before these elements are re-used and perked back up for 416MHz (2), returning to the darker and moodier side of things with closer Station Alpha.

While ‘borrowing’ the Colundi scales has seemed to prevent Capsule Network from really arriving to a sound it can own, this is still exciting, intriguing work, and very reminiscent of the slew of fascinating IDM stuff Rephlex used to spoil us with back in its heyday.