The Flying Luttenbachers – Gods of Chaos

3 out of 5

Produced by: Randy Lancelot (Engineered by)

Label: Skin Graft Records

Wow.  This is a damned rapacious test of tolerance of one’s Luttenbacher fandom.

It’s not a very listenable record, though it is a satisfying confirmation of Walter Weasel and crew’s potential for chaos – nice album title, by the way – and once you’re used to the album’s shin-kicking grin and punishing sequencing… forgive me for saying so, post calling it listen-resistent, but it’s pretty fun.

Your first challenge, after an amusingly annoying intro from a seemingly drunken announcer, is track 2’s 4 minute blast of fuck-off sound.  The first time you hear this it’s like death, but it gets easier.  Especially as a lead-in to some reprieves: track 3’s stop-start kickbeat, and track 4’s short burst of tried and true Lutts jazz madness.

Now you strap in again, although challenge 2 isn’t so bad: A few tracks and several minutes of random-ass noise, that’s impressive in the sense that some dudes sat down for however long and just recorded themselves playing whatever no sense came to mind on whatever available instruments.  But then track 7’s funky spazz-out, sweet music to our ears…

What’s that?  You wanted random tape effects and shouting to continually interrupt the next track?  That’s a can-do for challenge #3!

And so it goes for the disc, balancing gobsmacking genius with face-slapping noisy antics.  There’s absolute gold in these here hills, particularly in the album’s latter tracks, but yes, the Flying Luttenbachers are happy to make you work for it.