Richard Youngs / Stephen Todd – Georgians

4 out of 5

Produced by: Youngs / Todd (?)

Label: VHF

A majestic mash of beauty and clatter, Georgians – supposedly a soundtrack for a fictional society – features multi-instrumentalist Youngs and Stephen Todd meeting somewhere in the middle of electronic dissonance and organic ambiance… whatever that means.

The output is mysterious, occasionally noisy, occasionally noise, and occasionally cathartic – this is where we could make a case for this being a soundtrack to a life – focused around two key, ten minute+ tracks: Sixteen 00 and Perranuthruoe.  The former is initially stunning: a shepherd’s tone-esque series of keys and  harmonics that lilts and patiently builds; the latter almost like a tweaked breathing noise, but meditative, sprinkled with surrounding effects.  In both cases, though well sequenced between shorter, more electronic sounding tracks, the songs drag on just a bit too much, past the point of experimentation to endings where it seems like the contributors are almost disinterested in continuing.  Arguments could be made that this reflects the encroaching boredom of day to day life, but hey, we’re not listening to be bored, yeah?

The other moments on the disc are brief but intriguing and dense; a particular highlight is the Sixteen 00 lead-in Granite Eye, the clatter of which brings to mind some of Youngs’ other collabos with Matt Bower or Simon Wickham-Smith.