ReQuest – Deeper Visions

3 out of 5

Label: WéMè Records

Produced by: ReQuest (?)

The next “page” in ReQuest’s journey, the image – on the LP label – of a man with some type of waves emanating from his head is suggestive of an expanding consciousness or some kind of mental powers, and whatever element that added to this part in the story the artist is trying to tell has equaled a more laid back, confident approach, which then allows an actual vibe to emerge.

The A-side of Deeper Visions is almost minimalistic in comparison to the grime and house beats of where we left off, but it’s also very chill, not as intent on (to my ear) the forced futurism of page 1.  It’s still lacking something that necessarily feels distinctive, but I also no longer feel like someone is trying to co-opt a sound they think is cool.  We close out the first side with island jam Metaoceanic Register, which has some excellent little touches here and there of scratches, and also starts to make another influence a bit clearer: 16-bit era gaming.  This comes to the fore on the B-side, mixed in with other house touches like call-out vocals, and Deeper Visions – and ReQuest – starts to become legitimately fun, embracing a whole suite of IDM and 80s electronica sounds and regurgitating them in a manner that, again, feels like it’s dropping the shtick of trying to prove something.

Splitting all of this into EPs makes it hard to get a full read on the experience, but Deeper Visions – as befitting it’s title – is a definite step up from the previous entry.