ReQuest – Disciples of the Abyss

3 out of 5

Label: WeMe Records

Produced by: ReQuest (?)

Namedropping Drexciya and pitching ‘Disciples of the Abyss’ as a first “page,” ReQuest drops an EP of six tracks of enjoyable – though, to my ear, only moderately Drexciyan – beats, bumping casually between dancefloor and grime.

Disciples’ A-side is your slick, cleaned up house-style techno, dropping in some hazy vocals and futuristic beats.  While I think the attempted story-telling here – moving from coffee shop bop to darker, harsher work on the B-side; the world-building nature of the song titles, as our electronica environs are taken over by ‘Narcophunk’ – is the Stinson influence, ReQuest is much crisper sounding than any of the various Drexciya-adjacent projects, which, while one the one hand means it’s not aiming for an out-and-out copy, kind of also strips it of anything really distinctive sounding.  You’ve heard these beats before.

That doesn’t equate to it being boring or bad, just something that doesn’t much stand out amidst the deeper catalogue of WeMe artists, on which the physical edition of this EP was issued.