Enon – To Whom It May Consume / Suz E-Q 7″

4 out of 5

Label: See Thru Broadcasting

Produced by: D. Sardy

This is a white label 7″ that came with the vinyl pressing of Believo!, and I had it filed in my collection without any reference to what it was, at the start of the (as I store my albums) alphabetical order.  Putting it on, I was racking my brain for what A-named band this could be, and then I was shocked to hear what I was pretty damn sure was Enon, and early Enon, back when they sounded more like Schmersal getting his post-Brainiac kick on.

After a went through both sides multiple times, I checked the runouts and saw a See Thru Broadcasting cat number, which pretty much confirmed to me that it was Enon.  Meaning that I somehow managed to never listen to this 7″ for however long I’ve had it.

I love early Enon, or at least the stuff that was the first iteration of the band, and not just John’s / the band’s demo workouts.  They were going to be my new favorite, ultimate, everyone-listen-to-this band, and although I ended up mostly enjoying High Society and, to some degrees, what followed, I’ll always miss that early mash-up of rock and bleeping keys and junk percussion that was the See Thru release.  So to add two nuggets to that short list of material is a blessing, even if, eh, the tracks do sound pretty similar to one another.

Suz E-Q and To Whom It May Consume are both rockers, calling somewhat ahead to Hocus Pocus style riffing, but still tethered to Brainiac quirk via the solid percussion and keyboard interplay.  (And gorgeously grooving Sardy production.)  The tracks are also catchy as heck, and maintain a sharp edge that sets them clearly in the Believo! years, though I can understand how they might not’ve exactly fit on the album.