Lefty’s Deceiver – Process Junior

4 out of 5

Label: My Pal God Records

Produced by: Brian McTear

All the bits of Lefty Deceiver that I quite love, distilled down to a nigh-perfect EP packed with indie rocking blasts.

LD has a very distinctive sound – a constant drumroll and single note trill that gives way to guitar bursts and Andy Williams nasally but harmonious vocals – and that’s perhaps the only “downside” to Process Junior, is that it puts that distinctiveness waaay up front, not stepping down the pace or intensity across its 6 tracks + an intro track, save for the final reprieve of ‘Moher Song.’  It’s a plus/minus: when Lefty is in full swing, I love them, and that’s what’s offered here, song after song, but I can also admit that it gets a little taxing without something to shake it up.  The sequencing works around this to the best of the group’s abilities, though, pushing them to new, frantic, loud, shouty extremes on the penultimate ‘Thunder Now,’ and then going out rather chill on the closer.  Williams’ lyrics are always interesting formations of pointed thoughts and observations, and Brian McTear’s crystal clear production style is a great match for the “clean” way in which the group plays.

Process Junior was my first LD disc, which set a rather high bar for exploring the rest of their catalogue.