Dunal – Dunal Chronicles I

4 out of 5

Label: WéMè Records

Produced by: EOD

Trancelike; bizzare and beautiful.  Dunal’s Dunal Chronicles I – a collection of EPs according to the bandcamp page, though I’m not sure where / if those EPs exist – is another outlet for the multi-named and flexible EOD, here piecing together tribal-like rhythms and gongs and chants for something that is more low-key IDM than anything that sounds tribal and gong-ish.  Most electronic artists I’ll go after for letting things ride too long without changing them up; EOD / Dunal, on the other hand, offers up a masterful example of how soothing and immersive repetition can be, building, across these nine tracks, a collection of organic sounding clicks and sounds that are slowly massaged onto a gentle beat.  It’s quite active, but also incredible soothing; turn up the volume and you’ll hear some nervvy off-beats and wiggles in the sound, belying the eventual breakdown that occurs in the final track, ‘Speak to brother get no answer.’  However, while the inclusion of this track – a completely stuttery set of clicks – while fascinating in itself and interesting for how it juxtaposes what precedes it, is still undeniably a forceful halt to the enveloping nature of the rest of the album, furthered by even breaking from the repetition and getting quite random for eight minutes.

The gorgeousness leading into that is absolutely worth it, of course, with the mesmerizing flow of the beats given some extra consideration with the peaceful, vaguely spiritual song titles – ‘Dream in the sacred smoke’; ‘Let the spirit take over’ – and the similarly contemplative quotes printed on the vinyl.

A fascinating presentation (artwork by FlipYouth) from WéMè, fully supported by the flush tunes of Dunal.