Ovuca – Lactavent

4 out of 5

Label: Rephlex

Produced by: Aleksi Perälä

A goldanged delightful splatter of every electro style Rephlex has touched on, united by Aleksi Perälä’s playful sensibilities when working under his Ovuca pseudonym.

A collection of his work from over a range of years, we can maybe assume we’re traveling back in time as the tracks tick by, kicking off with slick AFX-y bounce, shifting to drillbeats and gamery bleeps, working in some dancefloor groove, then landing on some raw, straight-laced garage stuff.  It works together rather amazingly, transitions smoothed by short, 30 second noise fidgets, and runtimes of the tracks otherwise evenly partitioned throughout so we get enough time to feel out each song but also aren’t over-sold on one style over another.  The compilation feeling is still present, though, which makes the album rather ephemeral on the whole; some tracks just do a lazy fadeout, making them sound like demos, and there’s definitely no thematic sensibility to the album, though I feel that’s common with the Ovuca releases.  Regardless, the range is amazing, and that Aleksi could commit to these various genres so effectively is telling of the dude’s talent.  The 22 tracks thus fly by in a head-bobbing blur.