Ceephax Acid Crew – Byron’s Ballads

3 out of 5

Label: WeMe Records

Produced by: Andy Jenkinson

Excitement towards this release will likely be based on your desire for straight-up 80s house anthems versus something with a bit more flavor. I like Andy Jenkinson’s tweaked acid – when there’s humor and quirk involved – and his more bedroom-y or IDM output under the simpler ‘Ceephax’ nom de plume. When he’s doing stuff that’s more geared toward gettin’ yon booty movin’ – which is what Byron’s Ballads is pretty much all about – I tap my foot along to the grooving rhythms, but it lacks personality for me.

The release sounds great, though. Ceephax has a production method that always sounds both modern and ripped from an earlier era; crisp and warm. Nothing falters on the release; nothing seems like a misstep. But, again, the steps are pretty predictable once you’re expecting a straight-up house record. Excepting opener Citylink, which is a fantastic bit of quirk, blending that 80s bomp with some contrapuntal elements, the remainder of this EP is standards: hit a good beat, let it ride. Sneaker and Haliphax are slightly 8-bit video-gamey, which is cool, and closer The Hague maybe slightly more chill, but otherwise standard stuff, by my standard standards.