Hundred Reasons – Ideas Above Our Station

3 out of 5

Produced by: Dave Sardy

Label: Columbia

Popping out of the slurry of post-grunge acts the UK seemed to happily tolerate after the genre’s US peak , Hundred Reasons had the right hype – earned through live displays and previous EPs – and the right setup, with uber producer Dave Sardy, to produce a killer debut album.  And for most intents and purposes, I’d say they succeeded: Ideas Above Our Station is ripe with talent and singles; Sardy’s raw but clean style gives the band plenty of room to show their synchronized chops without kowtowing to the polished, edgeless sound that a lot of similar acts favored.  The album was a hit, and it’s not hard to hear why, such is the instantly memorable and catchy nature of the riffage.

However, once the rush wears off, there’s not much left.  This isn’t a direct criticism of quality, as nothing is phoned in, with above average (though generic in theme) lyrics and exciting instrumental interplay, but there is a sense of the group wanting to sort of shove everything up front, and Sardy is only too capable of making that sound phenomenal.  The lack of patience makes the end effect ephemeral.

Totally worth the listen, but it’s a popcorn thing – a summer blockbuster of an album, geared for entertainment and then somewhat forgettable in favor of the next big thing.