Girls Against Boys – Super-fire

4 out of 5

Label: Touch and Go

Produced by: Ted Niceley

Two album tracks from House of GVSB, two non-album tracks; so obviously your mileage will vary based on what you think of the new material. Me? I love it. While Viva Roma Star is the lesser of the two – If Glamour Is Dead covers everything that song does and more – I love how both of these tracks stack up against the album cuts, which are both great songs, but slower and glossier in comparison. The new singles, then, have the same wry eye set toward fame in their lyrics, but sound much closer to the raw aggression of Venus Luxure, then channeled through House’s tight hooks. And if that sounds pretty ideal, well, yeah, Glamour is actually one of my favorite GVSB tracks, dialed in on attitude without overt sneer, and displaying a punkiness in pacing that calls the members’ Discord days. Viva repeats these moves a bit, as memtioned, but brings in a dash of House’s harmonic guitar sounds for a fun blend. 

The back and forth comparison with the album tracks’ polish works really well, perhaps only making us wish for another couple tracks to extend this EP.