Bit Folder – Nogbad the Bad

3 out of 5

Label: Analogical Force

Produced by: Bit Folder

An improvement over their CPU debut, Bit Folder’s followup, Nogbad the Bad – now on Analogical Force – still nibs a bit too safely from 90s / 00s era Aphex and his Rephlex labelmates, playing a pleasant slippy IDM that never pushes too far in any given direction… preventing Bit from forging a stronger identity.

But there are some swerves here; minor affectations that add a dash of modern mash-up to the formula, particularly on tracks Graculous and Yeah, which layer in some pretty sweet gritty sounding synths to play off of the bouncy bloops and beats. Elsewhere, we get hints of this firmer stuff, like some pitch warping on the opening title track, and a nice, organic rush of crisp percussion that backs Noggin the Nog, but it’s just sprinkled on there; Bit otherwise keeps well within recognizable borders of comfort food IDM.

Noting that the tracks here seem to be named after characters from an old Brit kids show with which I’m not at all familiar, in case that lends some extra dimension to things that I’m missing.