Zorg – Zorg E.P.

4 out of 5

Label: WéMè Records 

Produced by: Zorg (?)

Well, that was the sound of your eardrums breaking after being assaulted by Aphex Twin snarerushes that’ve been raised on a crack-only diet.  What was the name of that track?  Crack.  Upon the A-side of this E.P. is a crudely, and basically, drawn image of whom might be our DJ, Mr. Zorg himself, drawn with frayed hair and a creepy carnival mask, squiggly hands at turntables.  What’s the next track called?  Jungle Core.  It’s fitting.

This is some of the most blistering IDM heard, and lest we think this is as simple as where I started – someone riffing on Come To Daddy-era Aphex, blenderized and sped up – Zorg spices things up with rhythm and upbeat layers supporting all the aural assaulting, figuring some kind of wayward pop atop the madness.

And then over on the B-side, Yop starts out in deeper, moodier territory, and then speeds up, and then becomes Atari Teenage Riot, before closers J’irai Breaker Sur Vos Tombes and Stereo Crasch skitter and scrawl their way back to Zorg’s own peculiar melding of intensity and fun.

Occasionally Zorg’s reach exceeds his grasp and the beats just can’t keep up, cluttering over one another rather clumsily, but that exuberance is also kinda part of the album’s charm.