ReQuest – Inner City Force Field

4 out of 5

Label: WeMe Records

Produced by: ReQuest (?)

Page 3 in ReQuest’s “retelling” of some future city tale, which has sloshed through some generic, if danceable, house and grime beats, then stepped it up with some 16-bit era-type panache.  Inner City Force Field is a notable improvement all around, circling back to 80s-era Detroit but keeping the crisp, clean edge with which each Page has been produced, and going full-in on the enjoyable cheesy glitz that’s dusted each release.  The result is something that’s immediately fun and grabbing, and also, at this “mid point” in the story, seems to allow the artist to stick with some consistency, meaning we can indulge in these beats without being left confused by stylistic shifts along the way.

…Excepting last track “Ending – Field Disruption,” which goes for a much more minimalistic, trance-like approach.  It’s a compelling track on its own, but comes out of left-field in context, and again makes it hard to judge the entire experience when we’re getting it delivered in these individual EPs.  Still, with each release, ReQuest’s work has just gotten stronger and more defined, and I’m not interested to see where this story goes, and hopeful that it encourages me to relisten to the whole thing with new ears once it’s complete.