Bush – The People That We Love

3 out of 5

Label: Atlantic

Produced by: Dave Sardy

Two of my favorite Bush songs happen to be non-album tracks.  They’re two of the group’s hardest hitting moments – a bit more roughed up, full throttle – and also happen to be the rare instances where Gavin swears above a PG-13 level.  Not sure what that’s about.  But one of Golden State‘s B-sides – American Eyes – is one of those “favorite songs”, and it’s also from what I consider to be Bush’s best, most cohesive album, which I’m going to favorably contribute to producer Dave Sardy’s shaping, given how Mr. Rossdale’s sound has definitely shifted based on which big name he’s sidled up to for a given recording.  And under Sardy, the group took their grunge mainstay checkpoints and meatied them up, without the attempts at rawness that (while also an excellent album, if you’re a Bush fan) Razorblade Suitcase went for…

…Meaning that the A-side on this, The People That We Love, is also a good song.

…But the extra extra song here, a “remix” of that track, is lazy garbage, a direct pooh-poohing I rarely offer, and apologies to remixer Greg Brimson for that.  It amounts – to my ears, anyhow – to adding a dub beat to the song for slowed down verses, then allowing the chorus to play out at regular speed.  Annnnd remix done.

Listening to American Eyes on repeat makes me want to rate higher on this, but I gotta balance it out by considering that you’re just paying for one great, new song, one song you’ve already heard, and some junk.  So there ya go.