Yuzo Koshiro – The Revenge Of Shinobi (Data Discs digital edition)

5 out of 5

Label: Data Discs

Produced by: Shaun Crook (remastered for digital)

While ostensibly the same album as the vinyl release from Data Discs – already excellent – the digital edition has been remastered from a different source, the “original NEC PC-88 files” provided by Koshiro, as opposed to the Japanese Mega Drive console as the vinyl’s source. I definitely don’t know enough to debate if one of those is better or worse, but at a surface level, we’re getting one extra track – a concluding, unused untitled song – and runtimes seem to be a little longer than on the vinyl. Similar to my previous “I don’t know” statement, I haven’t done a side by side comparison to say that the extra runtimes open up new vistas of sound or what, but as well stitched together as Data Discs’ remastering has been, and their admirable sense of looping, the same all applies here: perhaps lacking some of the warmth of vinyl just by the nature of things, there’s no overly digital tang to this material – it sounds fantastic, and is still looped to perfection, not using the digital runtime as an option to let the material bloat. You can maybe sense why the untitled track wasn’t used – it’s very modern and aggressive sounding in comparison to the rest of the material – but it’s an excellent track, and still maintains the album’s themes, so definitely worth a listen.

Meaning, yes: also worth a double dip if you already own the vinyl.