Capsule Network – Colundi Interception 3

5 out of 5

Label: Weme Records

Produced by: Capsule Network (?)

By using the Aleksi Perälä pioneered (with Grant Wilson-Claridge) ‘Colundi’ structure as a springboard – that being its intention, with ‘colundi every0ne’ being the mantra of its adopters – Capsule Network’s initial offering felt inherently limited, if providing with some excellently glossy, spacey music. By the time of this third release, though, that has been overcome: Colundi Interception 3 flirts with beats in its bookends – Otava, Megrez, both excellent tracks – but otherwise, CN has established its very own Colundi interpretation by applying an interesting tactic: restraint. My initial spin of CI 3 was distracted by those aforementioned beats: Otava is a grand slam of a track, looping in a fantastic low-end over its sky-gazing ambience, then peeling it back before pushes us further into space and releasing the beat once more. Thereafter, the cuts initially seem muted, and they are – the beats are muffled, the rhythms very, very faint. But once the entire EP has been experienced (ender Megrez bringing back in some glossy IDM, stirring any lingering attentions), it’s like our ears have been trained to some of the subtleties: those muted tracks are flush with noise, and are quite affecting; haunting. It’s an effect I’m not sure has been employed with such dedication, at least in my listenings, and had me more and more enraptured the more I listened. In this context – wrapped up in the relative whispers of the middle 4 tracks – the bookends are explosions of beats and noise. Colundi Interception 3 is a highly recommended experience.