Old McMonster’s Haunted Farm – Jay P. Fosgitt

5 out of 5

See, all you had to do was give Jay more room to actually tell a story and you get a brilliant little gem like Old McMonster’s Haunted Farm.

While I can’t say for sure what the publication order of Fosgitt’s Kizoic / Ape Entertainment contributions were, it seems like there’s a very clear ascent from the Little Green Men books – in which the gag-a-day format and limitations of the concept prevent too much growth – to Dino Duck, which allowed for a bit more character focus, making the jokes richer – to McMonster, a full-length story, in which the humor and coloring and pacing are all on par with his fantastic Bodie Troll stuff.

For an anthropomorphic riff on Universal monsters, Jay avoids pretty much any of the obvious “it’s like Dracula but with PIGS!” lame jokes, beyond the character names like Beefenstein and whatnot.  Instead, the laughs are almost exclusively mined from the way things develop, with Count Porkula trying to convince scientist Otto McMonster to let him use his monster-making machine… and then resorting to stealing it when McMonster refuses (it’s meant for society’s benefit after all, to help them save on Halloween costumes).  The way things go from there is wonderfully amusing, alight with colorful characters and great slapstick and a nice sense of momentum that keeps the story zooming along.