Little Green Men vol. 2 TPB: It’s a Big World After All! – Jay P. Fosgitt

3 out of 5

On the one hand, this is a lot better than Little Green Men’s first outing: Jay has dropped the “humans say this, aliens say this!” shtick, which is one of the lazier forms of fish-out-of-water humor, and although the longer stories still tend to be the better ones, volume 2 also drops the loose narrative threads of reoccurring characters outside of our main trio of would-be conquerors (held back, firstly, by their lack of intelligence, and then secondly their miniature size which gives the book its name…).  Relieved of those burdens, the 3 Stooges riff of the three aliens feels a little looser, allowing Moke, Gerlex, and Lartee to be just a tad more realized and more effectively applied in the various gag strips, which are almost all variations on aborted world takeover attempts.  Certainly Jay was also growing as an artist, making the comedic timing slightly sharper.  Still, this is a very one note book, and that one note goes a longer way than the comic pages we’re given.  Combined with some poor printing quality in spots and uncorrected spelling flubs, it’s not a book that really begs rereading.  For me, it’s more of interest as a formative work for Mr. Fosgitt, seeing both his growth with his own creations, and the steps he took between Little Green Men books.