Dino Duck: Prehysterical – Jay P. Fosgitt

4 out of 5

Another “we create it, you do everything else” offering from APE Comics and Jay Fosgitt, the publisher’s CEOs this time dreamed up a war between prehistoric ducks and monkeys, which is much more inspired and ridiculous (and instantly rather chuckle-worthy) than a 3 Stooges riff.  Not hemmed in by the limited setup, which made ‘Little Green Men’ into just a series of gag strips, Dino Duck mainly benefits by having a main character – the titular Duck, the only smart one of his clan, tasked with inventing methods for offing the rival monkeys – which means we get more personality, and even touches of character and story development, even if it does boil down to another series of gags, this time centered around DD creating something that goes awry.  But that touch is just enough to transform the book into something truly laugh out loud at points, and quite addictive and fun to read.  Jay has a great sense of visual timing to match his dialogue, and has a gift for stuffing a lot of words onto a page without slowing things down.  The opening tale is a bit cluttered to establish how DD earned his name, but we’ll blame that on being a leftover from however this was pitched to Fosgitt from his benefactors.  Once the busywork is done, the book gets into full swing.