Little Green Men vol. 3 TPB: Small Package, Big Fun! – Jay P. Fosgitt

3 out of 5

Essentially more of the same – aliens Moke, Lartee, and Gerlex have their take-over-the-world plans foiled by being only 1″ tall versus us “giant” humans in gag-a-day strips – but writer / artist Jay P. Fosgitt has really evolved over the three books’ worth of material, winding up on something in volume 3 that comes close to the polish of his amazing Bodie Troll.  The timing is damn good, the lettering and dialogue pacing is spot-on, and even the book’s sequencing is more self aware, alternating between longer bits and one-pagers consistently.  The concept is still the limiting factor, with only so many misunderstandings-of-human-culture to go around, but a couple cracks actually made for audible chuckles, and there’s just a nice energy in this volume that keeps it burbling where the other two definitely became forced after so many pages.