3 out of 5

Director: Uwe Boll

Yowza. With this and Seed combined, I started to realize that Uwe Boll is an infinitely more unique person than I had allowed.  Postal’s setup – something about a plot for quick cash that involves stealing some hot, resaleable items called Krotchy dolls and hawking them for an inflated value, only to run afoul of Al-Qaeda and a whole bunch of other nonsense and then everyone grabs a gun and shoots one another – is really just an excuse to take potshots (whether visually, through dialogue, or through, eh, violence) at any given topic.  The plot loosely follows that of the videogame Postal 2, but mostly in spirit: that anything potentially stupid or offensive will be exploited. South Park does this for cartoons, Postal did it for video games, and now its movie “adaptation” dares to make Holocaust jokes and be directed by a German. Nearly anything you can imagine is depicted and derided, and whether that’s a plus or minus, and whether George Bush and Bin Laden being lovers seems stupid or hilarious, you can’t help but at least, weirdly, oddly, respect the insane bravado acted out here. And Boll shows some bizarro humor by tossing himself into the mix, making his antics in challenging his reviewers seem so meta-weird that… well, I’m on board now. Offensive, silly, horrible, hilariously dumb, awesome, etc., Postal is more about knocking any expectations away… of satire films (even though this is base, its intelligence is leagues above the Scary Movie / Friedberg/Seltzer tripe) and of director Uwe Boll.

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