11 gibble out of 5

Director: Uwe Boll

First, my apologies to Mr. Boll: 1. For judging you too harshly, falling into the same trap as many of the Boll-bashers and 2. For giving this movie one star.

Heres the thing: Uwe Boll might actually be on of the most compelling directors around. Take a look at his building resume. He’s continued to make films frequently, and seems to have both a passion for movies and a desire to actually better himself. I’m starting to view him as a different version of Takashi Miike – a director whose output is incredibly uneven, but, when taken as a whole, starts to paint a fascinating picture.

As to the one star: its unfortunate, but Seed is just not a very good movie. It is incredibly fascinating as an experiment, especially compared to Postal, which he made at the same time. Essentially a serial killer back from the dead kind of film, Seed is beautifully and curiously shot: the layout and colors of the scenes are amazing, but the camera wanders in a sort of aimless way. This is the main detriment to the movie: there seems to be a theme of the destructiveness of man, but the movie doesnt quite speak to that. In fact, it perverts the theme a little, and ends up exploiting what it intends(?) to vilify. I’m not a fan of Hostel, but that movie took the same route and played its cards a bit more intelligently.

There are two scenes – killer Seed watching animal torture (real PETA videos) and murdering a women with a hammer – that could have been interesting if worked into a larger narrative. But in the hopes of keeping it bleak, there’s barely any exposition or dialogue in the film. Unfortunately, instead of highlighting the oddity of human behaviors, this just makes the whole film slightly detached. Mr. Boll set out to make a movie completely lacking happiness and he has done so. The acting is solid enough and the movie looks great. It is worth watching for horror fans, but it is more a promise of what Boll is capable of in the future than a good movie itself.

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