Breaking news that didn’t make it to the Yahoo frontpage

Guys, it needs to be said: I hate strawberries.  Instead of one nice disposable peel, or even a recognizable core, you just have this unpleasant stump at the top that maybe sometimes you accidentally take a bite of one of the leaves up there.  They’re messy.  Oranges are messy, but with a napkin and some licky-fingers, you’re good.  Strawberries leave their devil red mark everywhere, the blood of their crimes splashes liberally on their victim.

Horrible, evil fruit.  Eat my ass, strawberries.

I guess you taste okay.

news! tell your friends! or don’t! i don’t care! but i sort of do so do it!

I’ve added a banner and you can now hit the site via, if you’d like, though shitasmlives is still its primary home, so my legions of fans shan’t be lost to the internetty ether.

I feel like domain names are like tattoos.  Whoops.

I’m having trouble settling on a color scheme for the site, partially due to the limitations offered by the free theme.  If I get time, one day, perhaps I will work on paying for and customizing the things I’d like to, but there’s so many video games to play and so much porn to watch that I don’t know if that’s a realistic option.

I’m open to feedback.  Unless it’s not glowingly positive, in which case I’m not open to it at all and you can shut your stupid smelly mouth.

A brief study on the degradation of values on the site

Okay you horrible, horrible rat bastards.  I interrupted my life of not doing things to do some things that bring pleasure to no one.  And by no one I mean everyone.  And by everyone I mean… I mean you.  If you’ll just let me be part of your life.  And by be part of your life I mean inside your butthole.


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