Heresh titlesasas


Batman: I Am Gotham epilogue (#6) – Tom King

Batman Superman: Universe’s Finest (#28 – 30) – Tom Taylor

Dead End vol.2 – Shohei Manabe

Ghoul Scouts: Night of the Unliving Undead (#1 -4) – Steve Bryant

House of Penance (#1 – 6) – Peter J. Tomasi

Kill 6 Billion Demons vol.1 TPB – Tom Parkinson-Morgan

Prometheus: Life and Death (#1 – 4) – Dan Abnett

Star Wars (#20) – Jason Aaron

Tales of the Zombie (#1 – 8) – Steve Gerber, Various


Baboon – Face Down in Turpentine

Dazzling Killmen – Face of Collapse

Kleinfelter – Kleinfelter

Marcy Playground – Shapeshifter

Marcy Playground – MP3

Marcy Playground – Leaving Wonderland…In a Fit of Rage

Marcy Playground – Indaba Remixes from Wonderland

Radar Bros. – The Fallen Leaf Pages

Skeleton Key – Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon

Superdrag – The Fabulous 8-track Sound of Superdrag

Unwound – Fake Train


Derren Brown: Miracle



Four in the Morning

Geeking Out

Join or Die with Craig Ferguson

Luke Cage

Naked Attraction

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