The Square

5 out of 5

Director: Nash Edgerton

The Square is every horrible moment of the genre wrapped up into one movie. The genre is noir, and by horrible moment, I mean every instance of knowing that something dreadful is about to occur to the characters but knowing it cant be prevented… This is the heart of many noirs (specifically crime noirs), and what makes The Square so effective is that it doesnt try to hide its cards, it just plays them very well. What we have here are two married people in separate couples – the older Ray, who runs a constructions business, is unhappy with his wife, and the younger Carla, who works at a salon, is equally unhappy with her husband – who meet up in hotels and the backs of cars for sex and plans of leaving their spouses. They live near each other, but the film otherwise does not try to rush in an explanation as to how they met. Its unneeded. As is why they feel the need to split: each significant other is shown as being a pretty human match to Ray or Carla. Rays wife may seem plain, and Carlas husband may seem devious, but you can imagine that these things started as naturally as Ray and Carlas coupling, and no one is displayed in a particularly good or bad light. But then we have the seeds of destruction: Carla presses Ray for a date for them to leave… and she also thinks they should steal the money her husband just stole from someone else. And from there on out, a lot of horrible moments happen. And the problem comes in movies of this type in the little moments, where you wonder: would I have done that? But The Square allows its story such patience that you get to see the thought flash across our characters faces – I could do this, or I could do that. And the moment they decide to do that its over. The accents came be a little heavy, but otherwise this is the stuff movies were made for, with rich environments, perfect pacing, a killer story, and acting that works in concert with needed dialogue.

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