Paranormal Activity 2

3 out of 5

Director: Tod Williams

Yeah, its okay. Plot: somethings haunting a house. For various reasons, its caught on tape. There are things that work and dont work with this film, both on its own and as a sequel. First off: I would like to say that this was much better than I was expecting, and more effectively and patiently executed than I assumed would be the case. That being said, there are, of course, many flaws. After a discussion with my fellow filmy friends, it seems that watching the two movies back to back does make it easier to see inconsistencies between them. but, honestly, thats to be expected with made-to-order sequels (especially with a film like this), and without taking a blair witch right turn, (even though Im one of the few people who seemed to like BW2), Paranormal Activity 2 managed, to me, to connect to the first film as sensibly as possible. The scares are much more jump scares in this movie, but they still kept it fairly paced, which is a plus, and allows those non-jump moments to still carry a creep factor. I also liked the family dynamic more (you have a dog, a nanny, a kid, and a husband and wife to watch) and the reactions were more tolerable to me than the annoying dynamic of the couple in film one. …so there you go. Its a fun theater movie, and does its best, but now that you know what to expect, PA2 really cant do much more than jump out and say BOO.

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