Kapture: Fluke

3 out of 5

Directed by: Neil Blomkamp

I’ll be honest with you: this is almost a waste of time.  Like the Cooking With Bill segments, Kapture takes a nugget of a novel idea and does exactly what you expect with it.  In this case, that nugget is a device that attaches to someone and allows for that someone to be remotely controlled.  Two scientists are very excited to demo this procedure to us, and when it’s clear it’s intended for military use and there’s some safety glass… yeah, you get it.  And the era of shooting this stuff on what’s supposed to look analog (with the timestamp and “play” in the corner and the whole deal) is done.

Thankfully, Fluke isn’t over five minutes, which allows you to focus on the more interesting technical aspect of it: that it’s seemingly 100% digital.  The initial shots are convincing as hell, with some hints – the way clothing doesn’t quite move right; the way the scientists’ eyes seem to have a shallow field of vision – seeming off, but you just chalk it up to Oats Studios’ over-produced look initially.  Regardless, even once knowing it’s all CG it’s creepy, uncanny valley stuff.

So, yeah, the plot is a lark, but the visual achievement is worth the viewing.