Cooking With Bill

2 out of 5

Directed by: Neil Blomkamp

An amusing set of comedy horror shorts (light on the horror) that end up frustrating by not going anywhere with the premise beyond the obvious.

Thus far, Cooking… is comprised of four clips, shot in infomercial style (with digital analog aging added in), featuring the titular Bill – and his housewife-coiffed co-host – presenting some new cookery gadget.  Three of these are variations on an automatic food processor, and one is a cutting implement.  The first two clips don’t go very far, cutting out before they get too weird, but suffice to say that what’s processed doesn’t come out as expected.  The bits are well acted and shot, and start to build on each other appealingly.  But the third clip does away with that build up for something more obvious, and executes it with a kind of odd reaction delay, which undermines the effect.  The letdown continues with the fourth clip, featuring a hyperactive cutting tool, which proceeds exactly as you expect it to.

Had Cooking stuck to the semi-linearity of the first two clips, it could stand with some of Adult Swim’s best oddball infomercial experiments; as presented, it’s pretty predictable stuff, which wastes some early potential.