God: Serengeti

3 out of 5

Directed by: Neil Blomkamp

The thematic connections to District 9 and Elysium are pretty apparent: a man reclines next to a diorama of (we assume, based on the title) the Serengeti, idly commenting on the actions  of the seemingly miniature people and animals dotting said Plain, and instructing his butler to manipulate events in one way or another, as it pleases him.  The man is massively grey-bearded (and is Sharlto Copley…), and we’ve zoomed out from a close up of the diorama, allowing us to see that these are very real people and animals, and the dang thing is called God, so we get the setup.

And its played for dark laughs, and it works, Copley playing the deity with amusing insouciance.  Like the Cooking With Bill segments, though, this doesn’t really go very far beyond its premise, making it a fair use of your few minutes YouTube time, maybe not much more.