The Brothers Bloom

5 out of 5

Director: Rian Johnson

You’re either walking into this fresh or you were a fan of Brick – either way, I think youre in for a pleasant surprise. Brothers Bloom is about a pair of grifters – Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo (as the titular brothers – who have grown up pulling elaborate cons for various achievements. But it seems that the younger Bloom (Brody) grows tired of never knowing the difference between a real experience a whats a projection of the con. Son the elder Bloom comes up with one final grift… to give everyone what they want. The first thing that is amazingly apparent about this film is how confident it is in its style. Its very familiar feeling, as Brick was, but not as a copy. It comes across as assured. Compared to some modern directors who have taken what theyve seen and just mimicked it through their own eyes, writer/director Rian Johnson comes across as a true study, loving what hes watched in movies and truly transforming it into his own. There are many filmic styles on display, but it is an amazingly consistent vision. And, again, as with Brick – two very different films mind you – there are many levels on which to appreciate this. Theres the story, theres the characters and dialogue, theres the slight meta aspect to it all (which is very rewarding on repeated views to this), and if the story seems unnecessarily twisty, the skill is shown through how it is enjoyable and satisfying and overall understandable even if you get a little lost here and there. Equally impressive are Rians brothers (Nathan, I believe) contribution to the score. Again drastically different from his score to Brick, but so perfectly matching. There are bits and pieces here for almost all film fans. Acting is GREAT all around – Weisz and Ruffalo are perfectly cast here. Just a gift of a movie. Dialogue is important though, so be ready to listen.

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