Hudson Hawk

5 out of 5

Director: Michael Lehmann

I normally prattle on at length about even the most insipid, basic films, but I cant go too much into this one, because… What can you say? Hudson Hawk belongs to its own little independent niche, part B-movie, part cult movie, part by the makers of Die Hard. Hudson Hawk is about a cat burglar who uses songs to time his heists, and who ends up getting involved in something bigger than he expected. It is one of the strangest mixes of dumb jokes, slapstick, clever punchlines, side comments, action, and whatever else you can think of. This was in line with romancing the stone type deals of the era, only way more 3 stooges. Think Army of Darkness with a huge budget and a dose of randomness. Did it fail because of bad marketing? Because we have a tough time accepting big name actors in these types of things? Who knows. Hudson Hawk, whether you groan or laugh, will at least guarantee a head-scratching in one or two scenes, wondering why the hell they thought of it. That, at least, is a worthwhile experience.

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