Hudson Hawk – Retro VHS Style Blu-ray

2 out of 5

Directed by: Michael Lehmann

One of my favorite Bruce Willis movies, due for an HD update.

Does the bluray look good?  Yes, yes it does, and the “retro style” case is a fun idea, even if it’s just artwork.  …But it’s also kind of ironic, given that a “retro” format of this flick – DVD (bear with me on calling that retro, please) – is vastly superior in terms of extras: commentary (and a “trivia” subtitle track that crosses over with the commentary), a 30-minute documentary, deleted scenes, a funny and weird Sandra Bernhard “interview”… and, uh, the video for the Hudson Hawk theme song, which is probably the most important bit.

I’m sure there’re some rights or something that goes in to porting over extras, but I hate not having these things on the bluray, and, frankly, it makes owning it just for the video / audio quality bump not worth it.