3 out of 5

Director: Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury

I guess. Inside tries way too hard. It succeeds as entertainment FOR trying too hard – there’s some inventive kills and gore – and the lensing / lighting is skilled. However, the ridiculousness of story marks this as a money-grab at the newish extreme French horror genre (…confirmed by the interviews in the extras…). Story: Sarah is pregnant. She’s in a car crash – she and baby survive, perfect hubby does not. Christmas Eve and she’s, y’know, on call to go the hospital. Instead, a crazy woman shows up at the house, intent on taking Sarah’s baby by whatever means necessary. First knock against this, I suppose, is a slight bias I have: horror movies, movies in general, seem to always partially exist on the notion that kids supersede everything… that if a kid dies, then we might as well die too. I just can’t get into that. I don’t understand because I’m not a parent, blah blah blah, but while this film tries to sidestep that problem, slightly, well… I won’t go into it too much, but it stuck into my head at various points in the film. Second knock – I couldn’t take our killer seriously.  Béatrice Dalle’s ‘La Femme’ was just too over the top for me to get into her plight.

Inside slumps along with the same sort of ridiculous inevitability as High Tension, and in similar fashion: it looks great (GREAT great… there are some beautifully well-done shots here), and has some great gore, but moments in the story are so ridiculous that they lose you. Inside, thankfully, doesn’t have such a backhanded ending, but it maintains the same sense of UBER grittiness which doesn’t work in its benefit. A truly average horror film, highlighted by its “intense” topic of kid-killing and some bloody gore.

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