Guinea Pig: Devil’s Experiment

2 out of 5

Director: Satoru Ogura

Lordy. So who pursues films of this nature? Extreme horror seekers, people who watched Saw and looked up a list of torture porn flicks, gorehounds… The Guinea Pig series continues to make rumblings in the underground, almost 30 years on, so what’s that worth? What’s it worth for any film of this nature? So you can only ask: what does the film set out to achieve, and does it succeed? The August Underground films – the first of which is the ‘spiritual’ successor to this first Guinea Pig – set out to create a serial killer’s home film. That series is pointless and worthless beyond its concept, but the first one is notable for achieving (to a certain extent) what it set out to do. Guinea Pig is a bit more confusing. The presentation – filming an experiment on the nature of endurance – is presented as real. The runtime consists of beating a woman, cutting a woman, throwing pig guts at a woman, and finally gouging out her eye. So we can only assume that the goal is to shock. Does it succeed? In part. What’s nice about this first flick is that it’s almost devoid of sexual content, so it does maintain the “scientific” aspect. What’s confusing, then, is the name calling the perpetrators do to their “subject,” and the artsy camera angles chosen for some scenes. It makes the overall point confusing. That being said – the movie is still pointless. It’s pretty tolerable to anyone who’s run the horror gamut, but the prosthetics are still very convincing, and the eyeball scene is surreally (forgive me) pretty. Two stars for being unexpectedly sterile and not just all-out gross (like AU), but again, there’s no real reason for watching beyond completing your viewing claims.

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