Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Heroes in a Half-Shell, Turtle Power! – A Running Press Miniature Edition – compiled by Danielle Selber

2 out of 5

Yes, I’m reviewing this mini-tiny book that came with a Turtles keyring.  It’s also true that I only bought the keyring to get the book, which was advertised on the box to rope in suckers like me to purchase said keyring.

Anyhow, it’s not really a book after the first couple pages of summary, which are punctuated oddly but do a pretty good job of bringing everyone up to speed regarding mutants and Shredders.  Thereafter it’s quotes from the show (and one from the original movie that I don’t believe was ever re-purposed, so that’s cool) with the matching characters cropped from stock poses (that we’ll also see in the Panini magazine) lain atop computery backgrounds that sometimes have a context and sometimes are just bright and splashy colors.  I realize that grading this in the first place is questionable, and then maybe grading it so low is questionable given that first question, but I’m just left with a big ol’ Why? regarding the making of this book – except, again, as bait to people like me – and, I dunno, because some of the pages use actual backgrounds, I wish that little dash of effort could’ve been extended across all pages, and if you start trying to assess the reasoning behind the color schemes used for the random backgrounds, you’ll realize… not much rhyme or reason.  But why I would expect that in a ‘free’ mini-book insert I’m not sure.

However, the quality of construction of the thing is actually nice, and I’m glad they gave everyone credit for their contributions on the last page.

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