Punisher Epic Collection TPB vol. 3: Kingpin Rules – Mike Baron, Roger Salick

5 out of 5

Criminey – another excellently put together package of issues: page numbers with an accompanying chapter list page (which even includes breakdowns of the stories in the included annuals!); covers printed along with each issue; a nice outro from Ralph Macchio; and a whole slew of related covers and sketches and penciled pages, all bundled between glossy covers and primely flippable (but bright and sturdy) page stock.  This thing feels good to read.

The contents – the 1988 series, issues #11 – 25 and two Annuals – range from fantastic to okay (issue and arc individual reviews are linked here), but this is another wonderful chunk of late 80s Punisher, and part of what many consider to be one of the character’s classic runs from writer Mike Baron.