The Punisher: Second Sight (#11, 1989) – Mike Baron

4 out of 5

Mexico.  Pun tracks some moral-less coyotes who’ve been suckering their transports out of money and to their deaths.  His plans go awry and he ends up with shrapnel in the eyes, trying to recover while under siege from the baddies.

There’s some hackneyed desert spirit journey stuff in here, but Baron has an off-hand way of writing these sequences so that they don’t come across as more than they are.  The story flows into and out of its action well, with a sort of dumb “there’s no way out except for that other way the badguys found” hitch at the end, but again, Baron writes with a heckuvalotta forward momentum, so it works.

The last panel is somewhat indicative of the oddness that starts to crop up in this (apparently coke-fueled) era for Baron: ending the issue on a complete throwaway, non-impactful line, like he just ran out of page space.