Medusa – Crack & Bleed EP

4 out of 5

Label: Digital (Auris Apothecary)

Produced by: Medusa?

A digital bonus to their Divine Malice mini-album… aaand everything that album lacked to make it more-than-your-average-thrash summed up in the title track, which twists and turns through a million hardcore genres, dusts them with a poppy edge, and gives Anderson a ton more range in which to emote beyond “scream.”  It’s a track that can actually be said to sound like its own thing – this Medusa thing – and accomplishes all of that in a 2-minute rush that nonetheless feels epic.  B-side This Heat is still a cut above Malice’s offerings, but there’s a bit of an unnecessary latter section during which the band tries to figure out how to add on to the intense speed riffing that makes up most of the song.  …But it also has that amazing lead-in to compare to, so that’d be hard to top whatever way.

In other news, its been six years since we’ve heard from Medusa.  DAMMIT.