Medusa – Divine Malice

3 out of 5

Produced by: Medusa?

Label: Auris Apothecary

6 tracks of metal-tinged thrash, voiced fiercely by Racebannon’s Mike Anderson and delightfully packaged (black-on-black lyric sheet, baby) by Auris Apothecary.

This is sorta-kinda 2 experiences jammed into one, and then maybe-sorta-kinda one of those experiences is 3 mini-experiences, and then none of those experiences (we can also call them songs) really hits any too notable stride.  The passion is undeniably there, though, and the first time opener Bleeding Ocean lurches into its thrashier portion, you’re fully convinced – every time – that Medusa will be the second coming of whatever version of metal you prefer.  They ain’t, but they put out a fun EP, nonetheless.

The first “experience” is somewhat standard punk thrash, but acquitted with admirable intensity.  The beat never really strays; the chugga-chugga guitars rarely don’t chugga-chugga; Anderson’s lyrics stick to typical dark-is-the-night fare.  After that we get three slices of varying genre mimicry: Ashes & Glass is mathy metal;  Come Alive lets the 70s stoner sludge seep through; closer Release Me is no wave madness.  These three tracks easily best the opening half, though all of the variation prevents us from being able to identify a real Medusa “sound.”

A valid holdover for Racebannon fans.