Medusa – En Raga Sül

3 out of 5

Label: Hawthorne Street Studios

Produced by: Mike Bridavsky (recorded, mastered by)

The punkier rock precursor to the metal mix of followup EP Divine Malice, Medusa’s debut En Raga Sül is a ton more cohesive than that disc, as well as offering up some legitimately grabbing tracks, especially when the group lets themselves drift beyond the two minute mark.  Recorder Mike Bridavsky captures this all at a rather even keel, which is something of a disservice to Medusa’s loud sound, as it washes it all to a mid-range buzz.  So the blitz-attack tracks would likely gain more punch with an ear toward bringing out their highs and lows, and the songs where the group slows it down a tad would also likely benefit from the promoted sense of space.

But I mean, don’t get me wrong: there are some fantastically blistering tracks on here: Transform is a mini epic; Throne of God has a hardcore peak; Soldiers of Death is menacingly militaristic, but as with the remainder of their current output, these highlights are lost amidst a lot of quality and energy, but nothing that’s particularly grabbing.  Surely a good live show, and absolutely an entertaining (and quick) spin, just too few examples of that something “extra” that could make the band stand out.