Gotham Central: Sunday Bloody Sunday (#37) – Greg Rucka

3 out of 5

Greg tried, here, he really did.  Where previous Gotham Central one-shots and event crossovers had surprisingly proven to be some of the series’ best issue, this Infinite Crisis side story – in which Renee and Crispus are caught in Rock of Eternity nonsense in midtown – is just too awash in capes and usual crossover ridiculousness (the Fisherman dies!  Woe!) to make it stick.  But Greg takes an admirable shot at weaving it in to the character and story beats he and Ed Brubaker had been working on: Renee is momentarily overtaken by frenzied emotions escaped from the Rock, which follows on the back of Crispus worrying over her recent tendencies toward violence; Crispus is also monologuing on how events we’ve seen in past issues (Mr. Freeze, for example) has caused his faith in a greater power to take a beating… only to be interrupted by a veritable god via Mr. Marvel.  When the issue starts turning in to cops coping during all out riots and crisis, there’s some especially good work, but the problem with this kind of stuff is how it has to hang on to spandex antics to “matter,” and so it prevents it from having a lasting impact, along with the sense that this is just a crossover issue and none of this will matter much by the next book.

Steve Lieber returns on art, though, which is of course something to celebrate, and, as before (on issue #32), he proves to be excellent at bridging the large scale hero stuff with the street level stuff.