Gotham Central: Lights Out (#25) – Greg Rucka

5 out of 5

Batman’s War Games event – Black Mask takes control by offing other gang bosses – was a pretty average deal; trying to hype up something that seemed pretty mundane.  I wasn’t happy to have my precious Gotham Central interrupted by it, but then writer Greg Rucka saw the throughline: the mistrust of Bats that had been woven into GC that was now further exploded by the vigilante’s actions in War Games.  He turns that into a conversation between various detectives, praising Batman’s actions or reminding that it’s a fine line between him and the other freaks, and intercuts that with the results of the police commissioner’s decision to take down the signal from the roof.

It’s an actionless story that finds all of the dynamics and dramatics it needs in dialogue alone, and bounces between the personal and the political sides of the issue perfectly.  Lark has had the opportunity to draw Batman in action here and there, which has been fun to see, but a conversation that occurs in the shadows of the station’s garage is the artist working at full force: we’re reminded of the inhuman side of the character; of the possible threats he represents.