Bigfoot Bill 2: Finger of Poseidon (comic book preview) – Doug TenNapel

4 out of 5

The first 30ish pages of the next installment of Bigfoot Bill, presented in comic book floppy format (a format which, ironically, Doug – according to blurbs in the making of book – apparently doesn’t really like), fully arted and colored and glossy and goddamned gorgeous again.  Bill featured some of Doug’s most detailed, consistent art to date, with great color additions from a small assisting team, and that quality is maintained here again.  What’s kinda awesome, though, is seeing it in this compressed format instead of the oversized hardcover, and also, since we’re past the big beats of the opening, this first chapter is a lot of downbeats – save one fantastically punchy action sequence – which means we get to see that detailing at a sizing (regular comic dimensions) and at a story pace at which Doug normally draws a bit looser.  Doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to a bigger format and more splash pages, it’s just a nice and appreciated shift.

The narrative “resets” somewhat, post Mothman, to Bill hiding out while Poseidon slowly trudges towards the water, and that’s where we get a bit jumbled again.  Poseidon was massively overpowered during his jail outbreak, so it’s weird that he’s hiding out in these pages, and just like Mothman felt like a besides-the-point distraction, the same kinda goes for a new potential villain introduced here.  But: again repeating from Bill is the energy of the art and telling, carrying us through the pages, and Poseidon’s appearance here immensely benefits from the backstory in the making of book, which grounds his character that much more.